Accolades and Overlooks

"Rubbed Out" 24" x 17" was made for the "She Made Her Mark" exhibit at the Quilter's Hall of Fame and was about Hatshepsut, stepmother to Thutmose III.
The exhibit was March 6 to June 27, 2007.

"Paradise" 37" x 29" is completely painted with water soluble paint sticks.  It was entered into "World of Beauty" Houston 2007 and not accepted.  The Marrimekko white fabric that I painted on had a pattern woven into it.  Maybe it was too distracting.  You can see it best on the close-up.
"Tres Muchachas" 17" x 44" is in the "I Remember Mama" book and hung at the IQA Houston and Chicago in 2004/2005.  My daughters and I made it.
 Virgins of the Sun:  Machu Picchu 27" x 30" was made for  the "Myths and Legends" exhibit.  
Close-up below.  It won an accolade but I wish I could remember what it was.

"Reverie" 51" x 51" was made for the Husqvarna Viking exhibit in 2006 but didn't get in.  It is mostly dupioni silk.  I made many long pieces and couched yarns around the edges and it's then sewn to black screen from the hardware store.

"Hills of the Wine Country" 135cm x 155 cm went to Lyon, France for the Patchwork and Quilt 
Expo X in 2006.  Again it is mostly dupioni silk.

"Falling Leaves Return to Their Roots" 16" x 16"was also a Fiberarts Connection exhibit "Doing Small Things" in 2006.  It is cotton and silk and the thread painted leaves, this time Boston Ivy.

"Community" 35" x 21" was entered into a few shows and didn't make the cut, but I enjoy it hanging in my house.  Unusual colors.  It is machine applique raw edge, silk, cotton, velvet and decorator fabrics.

"Beauty in Imperfection" was made for a Quilts on the Wall challenge and shown in a few venues.  It is silk and discharged velvet for the background.  The egret is all thread painted, every bit of it, and it took a long time.
This smallish quilt I made tearing strips of fabric and shingle layering them and sewing each one down.