Journals, Postcards and Trading Cards

These journal quilts were made just for fun.  The top one I was thread painting ginko leaves.  The bottom one was made in a class years ago.

These journal size quilts were made in one long piece, then cut apart and hang on my wall connected by the hanging sleeve.  I made the mist out of white netting.  35" x 11"  It's titled "Still Waters."
 A couple of close-up pieces.  Some see a city and some see cliffs.  These are journal size 8 1/2" x 11"

More thread painting for the bamboo leaves.  I couched some raffia type stuff around the edges and did the blanket stitch by hand over it with purple floss.
I made this out of some fabric I cut from a dress (the purplish fabric).
Another Journal quilt to practice what I was to use on a larger quilt. 

A few years ago I made a bunch of postcards.  I should do it again.  I was playing with different color groups and shapes.  Very educational.

 I have since sent all of them out with greetings to friends and family.

Two postcards with the thread painting for the leaves.   I took this picture outside so it's a little washed out.

Now we're getting into my artist trading cards.  These were for the trade in Houston.
Now, I'm calling it thread painting, but maybe there is a better term for it.  I take two layers of netting and draw a leaf shape on them.  I put them in a hoop and out line the leaf with thread and fill it in.  I use a different color in the bobbin than I do in the top so I can turn the leaf over and use either side.  I change thread colors three times to get a layered effect.

My ginko phase.  I have a ginko tree in front of my house so I can pick leaves whenever.  I enlarge or shrink them on my printer.