This and That

Valentine I made and sent to my quilting friends a few years ago when the chatter on was about all the crazy things you can send in the mail.
A nametag I keep forgetting to wear.
What to do with at hankie?  A group of us made quilts out of hankies, that we could not cut, and displayed them in an exhibit.  "Strut" is the title.

My first year going to IQA Houston this is the tiara I wore.  Since I didn't make it myself, I didn't win a tiara pin, but I had fun practicing my princess wave.

"Latte Da" is currently on disply in my daughter's off campus apartment.  

I made this necklace for the second annual "Ugly Necklace Contest" from Land of Odds.  I was one of the top 10 finalists.  I guess they record this contest in the Smithsonian, so there I am.  We were supposed to make an ugly necklace and write a poem.  I put the necklace on my daughter and photographed it for the entry.  Being true to my fiber background, I made fabric beads and added Sculpy beads and various embellishments and feathers.  Since my necklace looked like a bunch of fishing lures I wrote:
Beautiful woman
so exquisitely adorned,
at sunrise we fish.

Terry Waldron taught us a class a few years back on landscape quilts.  I enjoy her laid back teaching style -- more room for creativity to flow.

"I Did my Breast" was for the QuiltArt Bra Breast Challenge.  I photocopied my breast at home then printed it on fabric.  It's my only self-portrait.  I heard every artist should do a self-portrait, usually nude.  This is as wild as I got.