Sewn, Slashed and Sewn Quilts

I originally made "Flamenco" for the QuiltArt "Black, White and Pink" challenge.  It got accepted into "World of Beauty," IQF Houston a few years, then it was accepted into the "QuiltArt 10" exhibit and it is in the book "500 Art Quilts."  I'd say it's had a very good run.   I'm thinking of entering it in an upcoming exhibit or two.  23" x 42"

My first Sewn, Slashed and Sewn quilt.  I don't know what else to call it.  I sew various size strips together, cut them into long triangles and sew them together again.  Then I quilt the heck out of the piece.  Below is a closeup.

The quilt that is on my blog header, turned sideways, "Sun Kissed San Bernardino Mountains" was in the "Slice of Southern California" challenge for Quilts on the Wall.  I sewed, slashed and fused this one also.  I believe it is 16" x 42"

This quilt "Firefall" was in the journal quilts at IQF Houston in 2007.  This was the year that Kerry had us do a 17" by 22" quilt and just submit one.

 "Florabundant" was in the "In Full Bloom IV" IQA Houston exhibit 2007.  18" x 25"

In the close-up you can see the quilting.  I also used the bobbin work with Pearl cotton to do the roses.  I explained how on one of my other pieces under Rusted Fabric Quilts.

"It's So Fragile"  I sewed, slashed and then fused the long triangle instead of sewing them together.  It was a bit faster, but also gave a different look.  I wanted the quilt to look like colored glass shattering.
This was part of "The Indelible Spirit" exhibit in 2005.  25" x 25"
 Close-up detail shot.

"Dairy Air" was part of the "Four Elements Air" exhibit by jo griffith.  
Also, I used the bobbin work with Pearl cotton.  23" x 27"

If I were a house, I'd be a sea castle.  This one is a small quilt and is presently showcased in one of my bathrooms.  "Sea Castle" is 9" x 17"